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lilibeth ([personal profile] lilibeth) wrote2008-01-22 10:19 am

Sassafras & Vacations

Sass is doing really well, despite one episode of puppy 'flu that kept both of us home one day.  A few puppy pictures are here.

I have some use-it-or-lose-it vacation that we're trying to figure out how to use up.  Any thoughts on the Outer Banks in April?  We could rent a place that will have us and the dog for a week and maybe get some flight time on the Kitty Hawk sand dunes.

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PUPPY! She is too cute.

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Some of those chew bones were from you!

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How have you built up use it or lose it vacation already?

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We get all of our vacation as of May 1 (21 days) but can only roll over 7 days. I've got at least a week to use, plus about 6 days of comp time (but don't call it that!) coming to me for working over the Easter break and Saturdays, etc. I'm trying to time it so I'll get my 7 days rolled over.

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Wow, that is one cute puppy. AWWW!!!

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Thanks! We certainly think so.