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I really want to order radiator covers from this company:

A neighbor did so and they are lovely in her bungalow.

Is this nesting instincts, or just my usual "want to spend $$ on things that aren't particularly necessary" instincts?

It is possible that it is a combination of the two, since we just laid out a big bunch of cash on some necessary baby items, and now I'd like some not-baby items.

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SO necessary to cover radiators! Nesting! Go team nesting!

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It looks like they give a good discount if you order while they're in town, which they will be later, so that gives me some time to soften up my DH.

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Gorgeous! I'd put them on the list as "investments that would make our home nicer."

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The ones I saw took up a lot less room than you'd think in a wee bungalow.

I might have to look into this further.